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E-learning module description


This web site is an e-learning platform devoted to ecosystem services approach in the marine and coastal context. It presented elements of the framework, methods, project experience, and illustrates it with results of the implementations from the VALMER project sites.

This e-learning platedform is made of around 200 web pages organised as a teaching document with possibilities to access it in a linear way (one chapter after another) or to choose one chapter that would interest more the trainees.

The texts are enriched with pictures, videos, diagrams, documents to download (guides, illustrations, brochures, templates…), links (selected bibliography and articles, glossary), and activities for the trainees to implement.

It has been built for policy makers, managers and students (master level) interested in being trained in order to implement an ecosystem services approach in a marine and coastal context. The approach of the module is concrete and applied to real context management.

 It is a 20-25 hours training course for the first level of training (much more if the trainees consult / read all the linked documents).

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