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5.5.9 Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise: Advantages and disadvantages of the scenarios methods used?

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The scenario approach was completely dependent of the construction, in parallel, of the dynamic model of the kelp social-ecosystem, which was also based on a participative approach. These two methodologies fed each other.

When a participative approach is developed for the scenario building exercise in a well-established institutional framework, it requires the involvement of pre-identified stake-holders.

At the end of the exercise, one integrated tool was available for the ecosystem services assessment with a multi-criteria grid for the analysis. When finished, this tool is particularly operational for helping the decision-making process.

The risk is to under-estimate the time required by these two steps, in particular to achieve stakeholder involvement. In this context, stakeholder engagement needs to find a balance between a sufficient level of participation to the building of both the model and the scenarios, while avoiding too much additional work for the participants.

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