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5.5.6 Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise: Links between the Ecosystem Services Assessment and the scenarios

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The exploratory “real-life” scenarios were used in order to compare the consequences of natural parameters (e.g. increase of storm events) and/or management changes on level of ecosystem services provided by kelp forest in the in the Molène archipelago.

Indicators were used to compare the scenarios options. For many indicators, the functional link between the kelp field and the corresponding ecosystem services was not quantitatively established at this state of the scientific knowledge.

These indicators were often directly or indirectly linked to migrating species. This was the case for the commercial fish species where stock levels in the Molène’s archipelago were not known. Consequently, the kelp populations and harvesting model does not predict the changes shown by the indicators at the same informative level. When possible, changes in them were described quantitatively. If not, only global qualitative trends were provided.


5 5 4   PNMI Model
 Figure: Links between the steps of ESA and scenarios approach developed in the NMPI

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