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5.5.11 Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise: Use of scenarios outputs for management

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How will the scenarios results be used after the VALMER project for marine management?

In the first instance, simple scenarios should be used to discuss and validate the model and also help stakeholders to take over the simulation model.

Following this, the scenarios could be refined through information gathered from all stakeholders, including experts and scientists.

Finally, the development of the model and the work on adaptive strategies will be useful to bring real-time support to kelp harvesting management. Such a tool aims to provide insights for the adaptive management of this economic activity related to the kelp provisioning services.


Have management recommendations been identified for future?

At this stage, the dynamic model of kelp ecosystem services comparing management options or simulating exploratory scenarios is only intended to help stakeholders and managers to better understand the global functioning of the whole system and to become used to include a wider range of parameters and indicators in their judgement over the kelp socio-ecosystem evolution.

Using the model and the scenarios for operational management recommendations would be a further step.

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