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5.4.7 Golfe Normand-Breton: Aims of scenario building process?

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In this context, the development of exploratory scenarios was a good way of collectively exploring different management actions and socio-economic and environmental possible dynamics in this area.

The aim of the scenario exercise in the Golfe Normand-Breton was to provide a few contrasting future scenarios, helping us to think collectively about their consequences in term of ecosystem services and creating a common culture of understanding.

The scenarios developed in the Golfe Normand-Breton explore a range of possible management situations, economic and governance hypothesis, associated anthropogenic pressures (e.g. fishing, shellfish farming, moorings, decreasing water quality, invasive species, etc.) and natural process (e.g. climate change) that could have an impact on marine habitats and their ability to provide the various ecosystem services identified.


5 4 7   GNB ScenariosThe final goal of the process is to determine, as quantitatively as possible, how the scenarios affect the functional, provisioning and recreational ecosystem services, using the results of the Ecosystem Services Assessment done for the area.

To achieve this a collective approach that involved gathering interested stakeholders and VALMER scientific team (ecologists and economists) of the Golfe Normand-Breton, started during the autumn 2013.


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