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5.4.10 Golfe Normand-Breton: Use of scenarios outputs for management

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How will the scenarios results be used after the VALMER project for marine management?

During Workshop 4, some stakeholders pointed out that well-presented scenarios could help them to understand the issues from their areas (risks/opportunities) and explain them to others.

The scenarios developed were disseminated through brochures and a knowledge platform made available to stakeholders and concerned institutions. They were also presented in a more interactive way at the end of the project during the validation seminar (workshop 4).

The scenarios developed recognise the perceptions of a wide range of stakeholders on most of the Golfe Normand-Breton activities including: European/national/local policies, state of the environment, strategic development of some sectors, etc.

Therefore, it could be useful material to contribute to the preparation of marine park management plan in the future.


5 4 10   Brochure Scenario


Due to the management situation, the aim was to produce contrasting exploratory scenarios to set-out different potential future situations in terms of ecosystem services.

Have management recommendations been identified for future?

Some of the scenarios developed are more “desirable” than others but all of them are the results of a multiplicity yet hypothetical process.

Therefore, it is not possible to provide management recommendation at this stage despite having characterized triggering/risk factors that make us fall into “undesirable future”.

The preferred scenario would require agreement at a more formal level in the future for it to become operative.

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