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5.1.3 North Devon: Key stakeholders and their involvement

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Description of the stakeholder group

5 1 3 Stakeholder groupThe stakeholder group comprised the Marine Working Group (MWG) of the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (NDBR) plus additional stakeholders to encompass sectors and interest groups relevant to the case study area.

There were additional stakeholders who expressed an interest in the project and a desire to be consulted and kept informed about the Case Study’s progress, but did not attend any workshops.

Stakeholder engagement process

5 1 3 Stakeholder meetingThe stakeholder engagement process is outlined in the following table. All Stakeholder Workshops involved sharing knowledge between stakeholders and the project team.

This was structured with presentations explaining the purpose of the workshop and case study progress, with information relevant to specific tasks delivered, after which tasks were undertaken in facilitated breakout groups. The exception was Workshop 3 which was conducted entirely in plenary.


5 1 4    Stakeholder workshops

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