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3.1.5 Nomenclatures for stakeholders and management bodies

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A proposed nomenclature for identifying stakeholders and management bodies is presented here [open document]. It is based on the works that have been carried out in the field of Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

  • The private economic agents who use or impact ecosystem services may belong to the primary sector (agriculture, fisheries, etc.), the secondary sector (food processing, energy industry, etc.), the tertiary sector (tourist industry) and the non productive private sector (landowners, real estate owners).
  • The public productive sector is represented by managers of settlements which may affect or preserve ecosystem services such as harbours, waste water treatment plants, cultural infrastructure or other public services such as restoration projects. 
  • Some stakeholders may have particular claims regarding ecosystem services through their involvement in lobbying or any kind of associative movement.
  • Finally, institutions which may contribute to the management of ecosystem services encompass the European, State or Local authorities which intervene in the domain of sea and fisheries management, agriculture, water, environment, energy, land and spatial planning, and also expertise providers such as research institutes.

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